Iva Kezic, Freelance Graphic and Web Designer Calgary

Hey there!

My name is Iva Kezic, and I am a designer located in Canada.

I first got interested in design back in high school, where I would design posters for all the upcoming school plays. I ended up teaching myself photoshop and coding. All of that experience is what led me to pursue a career in graphic and web design.

After getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from ACAD as well as a Web Design certificate from SAIT, I worked in the design and marketing sector for eight years and freelanced on the side. Ultimately I found myself craving more independence and freedom in my career and took the plunge into freelancing full-time.

My goal is to help businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes showcase their services and grow using graphic and web design solutions. I love getting to know my clients, and I strive to give them the best solutions for their specific goals and needs.

Being a small business owner and entrepreneur myself, I’m focused on using my skills to help others excel in their industries and reach their goals.

Fun facts

  • I have a dachshund named Basil
  • I love to read
  • I love spending time in the mountains
  • I have several botanical tattoos
  • My favorite pastime is drawing
  • I am an INFJ personality type
  • I am plant powered

Who i've worked with